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Join a CleanUp 

Since we founded Operation Rich Coast in 2017, ORC has organized, supported, and helped to increase reach for more than 1200 cleanups at beaches along the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, rivers, and in urban spaces.

You may ask: "Why is a cleanup important & what will be my impact if I join?" 

Here is what we gathered with 4 years of experience doing it:

  • By participating in a cleanup you help prevent from trash to end up in waterways, rivers and finally in our oceans where it may sink or affect marine wildlife 

  • Cleaning on land, at the beach, or at a riverside is easier since they are more accessible and the concentration of trash is much higher on land.

  • Cleaning on land improves the surrounding ecosystem by ensuring that none of the trash is toxic enough to disrupt the aquatic life cycles or affect local wild or marine life 

  • At cleanups we can gather new data about the state of our coasts and the types of trash that pollutes them.

  • Joining one of our cleanups is also a great opportunity to join a community of change-makers. People just like you are willing to take action to create a better world for you & me. 

Are you ready to ignite change with us?
If so, join our WhatsApp group of ocean ambassador & stay up to date

with the next cleanup initiatives being held. 

Chat Rules: ORC WhatsApp


Explore what it entails to be part of our core team of Operation Rich Coast & check out the current position we are seeking to fill: 

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