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Being good to the planet, is good for business!

At Operation Rich Coast, we believe in partnerships to making a real difference on behalf of our ocean.

Business practices have a clear and measurable impact on the ocean. At Operation Rich Coast, we believe the private sector has an invaluable role to play in ocean conservation — through investments, sustainable business practices, policies and solutions


Today more than ever, consumers look for products & brands that not only meet their immediate needs, but also serve a greater purpose by supporting nonprofit organizations and their missions. 

By working with Operation Rich Coast you gain a trusted partner, respected around Costa Rica for leadership in environmental campaigning and education, our relentless search for the best solutions and our growing community of ocean ambassador  who are committed to protecting and defending them.

Cause Marketing

One of the best ways to show your company’s support for environmental sustainability and a healthy ocean is by partnering with Operation Rich Coast on a campaign or product partnership.

Coastal & Urban

Our monthly held CleanUps inspire community effort to protect the environment and keep much-loved marine places clean, while also uniting volunteers together in a hands-on, educational and fun experience.

Local Ocean

Are you interested in impacting and establishing brand awareness in a specific community? Support our destination ocean ambassadors with your sponsorship. 

Our current Sponsors:

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